Monday, March 4, 2013
Ender's Game will be released on November 1st. It is an adaptation of a popular sci-fi novel by Orson Scott. It will feature Asa Butterfield (from the movie Hugo) as Ender and he will be joined by Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit). It also features Harrison Ford, as Ender's mentor.

Saturday, February 23, 2013
Below are some stills and posters of the upcoming adaptation of "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones." It will be released on August 23, 2013. The movie is based on the novel series written by Cassandra Clare. The movie features Lily Collins (Clary), Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace), Kevin Zegers (Alec), Jemima West (Isabelle), Robert Sheehan (Simon), and a lot more.

Isabelle, Alec, and Jace at the Pandemonium Club, NYC

Shadowhunter with identity crisis Alec Lightwood will be played by Kevin Zegers

Jemima West plays Isabelle Lightwood, a Shadowhunter with a strong sense of fashion

Clary and Jace

Brit actor Jamie Campbell Bower plays the cocky yet one of the best Shadowhunter in  his generation Jace Wayland

Lily Collins plays Clary Fray, the main protagonist in the story

Robert Sheehan plays Simon Lewis, Clary's best friend

Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, played by Taiwanese actor  Godfrey Gao

Valentine Morgernstern played by Jonathan Rhys Meyeres

Isabelle, Simon, Clary, Jace at Magnus' party

theatrical posters:

The sequel to the box office hit "The Hunger Games" comes out November 22, 2013 in the U.S. Katniss continues her journey into the Quarter Quell in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire." 


Katniss and Peeta, Victory Tour

Mrs. Everdeen and Prim

Finnick and Katniss

Plutarch Heavensbee and Haymitch

President Snow

Catching Fire theatrical poster

Katniss/Peeta Victory Tour Poster

Victory Tour Poster 1

Thursday, January 12, 2012
The cover for the fifth installment of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series is already revealed. It will be available on May 8, 2012. Here it is: 

Below, you could read some teaser from the upcoming book. Find out what will happen to Jace and Clary's love story and adventure. Oh don't forget about Alec, Isabelle, Magnus, and of course Simon!!!

Teaser #1:

    “Magnus made a soft, pleased sound, and he gripped the back of Alec’s shirt.”

Teaser #2:

    “He is a Shadowhunter,” said Jocelyn. “His loyalty will be to Clave and Covenant.”

    “He’s my friend,” said Magnus coldly. “His loyalty is to me.”

Teaser #3:

    “You stole a boat,” she snapped. “What am I doing with you, you boat-stealing lunatic?”

Teaser #4:

    “Sebastian never does anything just for fun.” Jace took Clary’s hand and pulled her toward him. “But I do.”

Teaser #5:

    “Is he happy like this? Really happy? And if he is, what are you saving him from?”

Teaser #6:

    “Well, hello there, Mother,” Sebastian said in a voice like silk. “Surprised to see me?”

Teaser #7:

    “You think I’m gone, but I’m not. I’m still watching you. All of you. Especially you … Simon.”

Teaser #8:

    “I need Jace,” said Sebastian. “But in his heart, he’s not like me. But *you * are.”

Teaser #9:

    “You’re a Lightwood,” she said. “Your family never gives up. I knew you wouldn’t let what I said to you that night well enough alone.”

Teaser #10:

    “You have a dark heart in you, Valentine’s daughter,” he said. “You just won’t admit it. And if you want Jace, you had better accept it. Because he belongs to me now.”

Teaser #11:

    “I don’t do false reassurances,” Izzy said, and pushed the tequila bottle away from her. Her eyes, on Jordan, were lively and dark. “Come here, werewolf boy.”

Teaser #12:

    “I never cared,” he said. “I wanted you anyway. I always wanted you.” – Jace

Teaser #13:

    “He reached her and held his hands out; she took them, and let him pull her to her feet. His pale gold eyes searched her face. “I want you with me,” he said. “But I want it to be your choice. Once we go, there’s no coming back.”

Teaser #14:

    “I know about parabatai,” said Magnus, an angry, dark undercurrent to his voice. “I’ve known parabatai so close they were almost the same person; do you know what happens, when one of them dies, to the one that’s left —?”

Teaser #15:

    “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you smell like Magnus.”

Teaser #16:

    “Warlock,” he said. “I know who you are.”
    Magnus raised his eyebrows. “You do?”
    “Magnus Bane. Destroyer of the demon Marabas. Son of——”
    “Now,” said Magnus, quickly. “There’s no need to go into all of that.”
    “But there is.” The demon sounded reasonable, even amused. “If it is infernal assistance you require, why not summon your father?”
    Alec looked at Magnus with his mouth open.

Teaser #17:

    “Every time we see each other we fall into bed — and I know I started it, I’m not blaming you— it’s just that maybe we should *talk*.”

Teaser #18:

    “That’s how faeries work, they don’t do favors.”

Teaser #19:

    “Alec isn’t happy,” said Magnus, as if she hadn’t spoken.

    “Of course he isn’t,” Isabelle snapped. “Jace —”

    “Jace,” said Magnus, and his hands made fists at his sides. Isabelle stared at him. She had always thought that he didn’t mind Jace; liked him, even, once the question of Alec’s affections had been settled. Out loud, she said:

    “I thought you were friends.”

    “It’s not that,” said Magnus. “There are some people — people the universe seems to have singled out for special destinies. Special favors and special torments. God knows we’re all drawn toward what’s beautiful and broken; I have been, but some people cannot be fixed. Or if they can be, it’s only by love and sacrifice so great it destroys the giver.”

    Isabelle shook her head slowly. “You’ve lost me. Jace is our brother, but for Alec — he’s Jace’s parabatai too —”

    “I know about parabatai,” said Magnus, his voice rising in pitch. “I’ve known parabatai so close they were almost the same person; do you know what happens, when one of them dies, to the one that’s left —”

    “Stop it!” Isabelle clapped her hands over her ears, then lowered them slowly. “How dare you, Magnus Bane,” she said.

    “How dare you make this worse than it is —”

    “Isabelle.” Magnus’ hands loosened; he looked a little wide-eyed, as if his outburst had startled even him. “I am sorry. I forget, sometimes . . . that with all your self-control and strength, you possess the same vulnerability that Alec does.”

    “There is nothing weak about Alec,” said Isabelle.

    “No,” said Magnus. “To love as you choose, that takes strength. The thing is, I wanted you here for him. There are things I can’t do for him, can’t give him . . .” For a moment Magnus looked oddly vulnerable. “You have known Jace as long as he has. You can give him understanding I can’t. And he loves you.”

    “Of course he loves me. I’m his sister.”

    “Blood isn’t love,” said Magnus, and his voice was bitter. “Just ask Clary.”

Teaser #20:

    “As far as I’m concerned, this is the worst thing that’s happened since I found out why Magnus was banned from Peru.” — Jace

Teaser #21:

    Alec quickly stripped down to his boxers and climbed into bed, hoping not to wake Magnus. However…

Teaser #22:

    “Simon, I’ve been trying to call you but it seems like your phone is turned off. I don’t…”

Teaser #23:

    “Why did you?” Clary asked.

    “Why did I what?”

    “Help me back there.”

    “You’re my sister.”

    She swallowed. In the morning light, Sebastian’s face had some color in it. There were faint burns along his neck where demon ichor had splashed him.

    “You never cared that I was your sister before.”

    “Didn’t I?” His black eyes flicked up and down her. “Our father’s dead,” he said. “There are no other relatives. You and I, we are the last. The last of the Morgensterns. You are the only one left whose blood runs in my veins, too. You are my last chance.”

Teaser #24

    “Kill me, little sister. Kill me and you kill Jace, too.”

Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Merry Christmas everyone. Here is one of my favorite Christmas songs - My Grown Up Christmas List. Enjoy.

My Grown Up Christmas List Chords

| C# Ab Bbm | Bbm7 Fm/Ab F# | Ab7sus4 Ab |

C# Ab Bbm
Do you remember me?

Bbm7 Fm/Ab F#
I sat upon your knee

C#/F Ebm7 Ab7sus4 Ab
I wrote to you with childhood fantasies

C# Ab Bbm
Well, I'm all grown-up now

Bbm7 Fm/Ab F#
Can you still help somehow?

C#/F Ebm7 Ab7sus4 Ab
I'm not a child, but my heart still can dream

C# Ab Bbm
So here's my life long wish

Bbm7 Fm/Ab F#
My grown-up Christmas list

C#/F Ebm7 Ab7sus4 Ab
Not for myself, but for the world in need

Bb Gm7 Ebmaj7
No more lives torn apart

Cm7 F7sus4 Dm7
and wars would never start

Gm7 F6 Ebmaj7 Eb/F F7
And time will heal all hearts

Bb Gm7 Ebmaj7
Every man would have a friend

Cm7 F7sus4 Dm7
that right would always win

Gm7 F6 Em7-5 A13-9 Eb7
And love would never end

Dm7 Gm7 Cm7 F7sus4 Bb
This is my grown-up Christmas list

Fm7 Bb7sus4 Bb7 Eb
What is this illusion called the innocence of youth?

Gm7 C7sus4 C7 F A7Sus4 A7
Maybe only in our blind belief can we ever find the truth

|D A Bm| |A G| |D/F# Em7| |A7Sus4 A7|

B Abm7 Emaj7
No more lives torn apart

C#7 F#7 Ebm7
and wars would never start

Abm7 F#6 Emaj7 E/F# F#7
And time would heal all hearts

B Abm7 Emaj7
Every man would have a friend

C#m7 F#7sus4 Ebm7
that right would always win

Abm7 F#6 Fm7-5 Bb13-9 E7
And love would never end

Ebm7 Abm7 C#m7 F#7 Ebm7 Abm7
This is my grown-up Christmas list

Fm7-5 E7 Ebm7 Abm7
This is my only lifelong wish

C#m7 F#7sus4 B F# Abm
This is my grown-up Christmas list

Abm7 Ebm7 Emaj7 F#7

Friday, December 16, 2011
Here are a couple of stills and behind the scenes images from the upcoming 2012 superhero movie "The Avengers," starring Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson. 

Note: To view in full size, just click on the image.

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