Why Ginny Weasley is Hated By Some People in Films?

I know you are currently reading this post because you wanted to know why there are a lot of Ginny Weasley haters out there. I respect their opinions and I have no right to judge them or ask them why they don't like the portrayal of Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter film series or they don't like Ginny Weasley in J. K. Rowling's books. Whatever it is, let us talk about it here.

As you could see, I am a big Ginny Weasley fan, either in books or in films. I can relate to Ginny in a sense that I am the only girl in the family and she started to be so shy at first but then she eventually learn and grow a lot as time goes by.  Although, I am quite disappointed about the negative things that are thrown to her.

Is Bonnie Wright Perfect in Playing Ginny Weasley in Film?

British actress Bonnie Wright (b. February 17, 1991) portrayed Ginny Weasley from film 1 to film 8. She is quite lucky to be able to retain her roles from the beginning till the end of the saga.

Her role in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is really small. I could still remember that she just got one line, which is "Good luck!" At least she was given a few words to talk to in the film.

In the second film, the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, she gain a lot of exposure as she was the one who was possessed by Lord Voldemort and opened the Chamber of Secrets. It is also where people know that she's got a huge crush on Harry Potter.

In the third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, it feels like she doesn't exist at all. Her line was "The fat lady she's gone!" Awwh!!!That's quite disappointing.

In the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, she doesn't have much line either. Although she gain more exposure at the background. You know, just being there with nothing to say at all.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth film, we've seen how she have grown. I wish she got more lines to say in the fifth film. I think it would have been better if her confrontation about the possession of Lord Voldemort to Harry was shown in the film. It would have created a big impact on how the two are right/compatible for each other.

I guess Bonnie got much exposure in the 6th film, the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. At least she got to have more lines to say in this film. I wasn't really glad on their first screen kiss. I find it _____ never mind. Cho and Harry's kiss was more romantic than Harry and Ginny's kiss in HBP.

I think that it would have created a huge impact if the film maker was able to follow what was written in the book. Ginny and Harry should have kiss in the Gryffindor common room. I would like to know how Ron, Romilda Vane, and Dean Thomas reacted to that situation. The "shoelace" scene, do you find it great? I guess so but I love the Burrow scene better. I love how Harry held Ginny's hands just to make it sure she stays with him during the fight. Swwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

To be honest, viewers will find it difficult to understand about how Harry and Ginny started their relationship. They will probably say, how come this girl become Harry's girlfriend? Who is she anyways? I am sure there are lot of people asking those questions, especially those who didn't read the books. David Yates should have included how Harry broke up with her as well as the funeral of Dumbledore.

In the Deathly Hallows Part 1, she has a little exposure. She was just talking about the wedding of her brother Bill to Fleur amidst the troubles. Although Harry and Ginny kiss in this film, the angle seems so silly at all. I wish they have followed J.K.'s idea in the book. The film maker and the screen writer must have featured Harry Potter's birthday. In addition, the film also did not show how Harry looked at Ginny's point in the Marauder's Map. It must have been very sweet to look at it in the film.

In the Deathly Hallows Part 2, she got a bigger exposure compared in Part 1. She got to participate in the battle. I am quite disappointed on their kissing scene. If I am in that situation, I am really going to kiss my man as if I never kissed him before. Common guys it's a battle and there is a huge chance that you will not be able to kiss him again. However, it was a good idea to include the kissing scene in the middle of the battle even if it was not stated in the book. Meanwhile, it would have been a big and dramatic part for Ginny if the film maker and screen writer feature more on how she reacted when Voldemort said that Harry Potter is dead (even if he is not). I found it quick to see how hopeless she was in seeing the dead Harry. In the epilogue, Bonnie is right back on her usual scenes again, not saying lines at all.

Do you think Bonnie Wright is great for the role of Ginny in films? I think she perfectly fits how Ginny should look like. I know she got lots of potential, although she is not as high calibre as the Helena Bonham Carter, in playing Ginny better if the film makers and screen writers were able to gave her more dialogues. She can definitely act. They must have shown how funny and smart Ginny is. These traits are her strong points. They should have featured how Ginny mimics Umbridge in the OotP and the fight between her and her brother Ron in HBP.

Honestly, I find the character development of Ginny Weasley in films incomplete. I know Bonnie Wright is capable of handling Ginny Weasley's character but I still find it insufficient. I am not saying she is a terrible actress but it should have been better if she was given a lot of lines and exposures in the films. She's playing a great and important character. Harry Potter will be incomplete if there is no Ginny Weasley or Bonnie Wright in it. I can't picture it out if Ginny Weasley was portrayed by other British actress. Bonnie is a great Ginny because if not, she must have been replaced by other British actress to take over the role. Good luck to you Bonnie Wright!


  1. Nice Post...I didn't know at first that this girl is the destiny for Harry, until I saw her glimpse to Harry in the 5th part of the movie after they're done from their practice of magic arts, that makes me think about her true role... (I didn't read the book... =D)


  2. hehehe..the books tell you better about Harry and Ginny's romance, it's sweeter. I was quite disappointed with the screenplay. thanks for dropping by.

  3. It would be nice if the things you said were true that you said in the beggining. Let's hope they will edit the films someday and that it will be greater! A fellow Harry/Ginny fan

  4. I don't hate Ginny, but I don't like her either. Their romance was forced and under developed, both in print and on the screen. It was like J.K. Rowling suddenly said, "Oh, this character's a bit like me, isn't she? I think I'll have her get with Harry because the one who's like me is obviously the best possible one. Right? RIGHT?!?!".

    My opinion? Should've been Harry and Luna. They had chemistry (at least in the movies they did) and she had an actual personality. Ginny should've stayed a plot device in book 2.

  5. i LOVE Bonnie Wright as Ginny the chemistry between them is so real!!!!

  6. How could anyone hate Bonnie Wright playing Ginny! She is amazing! I love her!

  7. Rowling did and excellent job with the stories but, didn’t expand much beyond the 3 main characters relationship and as a result only a vague idea of what many other characters are like is created beyond the books, and chapters they may appear in. For instance they may have been far less haters so to speak if Ginny didn’t disappear between the third and the fifth book. She could of solved this by writing some mini stories that centre around other characters they may or may not involve harry, and as a result would of built an even richer environment and probably more people for the canon pairing.

  8. I love Ginny in the books, but in the movies she is awful. I even have the theory that they didn't make the griffindor commom room scene because Ginny is just too awkward and without the energy in the books. In the movies she is kind of death and it would have been very strange to see her run to Harry. But okay, maybe it's all the fault of the screenplayers for not developing the character at all and Bonnie could do it...

  9. I can totally relate and I think that they should have made the movie more like the book.

  10. i really love Ginny both in movies and books. i think Bonnie acts well too. how come people hate her? about their first kiss, it was Bonnie's real first kiss so she felt a bit awkward and odd to do it with Dan. so they decided to do a simpler kiss than a hysterical one like the kiss in the common room

  11. Bonnie Wright has a one dimensional acting technique...boring and no change of expression on her one dimensional face

    1. Agreed!! I'd like to know if they purposely wrote around her and cut her out as much as possible. The part should've been recast after Chamber of Secrets.


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