Monday, August 8, 2011

It is really nice to hear couples who share the same interests. Sharing the same interests can make the relationship go stronger, right? Well, here is a couple who both have interests in music -- Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore.

Ryan and Mandy are not like any other celebrity couples out there who love the spotlight. In fact, they are low-key couple and would love to stay at home with their pets rather than being watched by the paparazzi.
Recently, Ryan and Mandy have fused their voices together for the song "Empty Room." Don't be surprised when you hear this track because it is really great. Actually, "Empty Room" is an original song performed by Alice in Chains so if you love the music of this rock band, try hearing Ryan and Mandy's rendition of it.
If you want to find tranquility and to find relaxation, you might want to hear this song to soothe your mind.
See the video below and listen to the Mandy Moore and Ryan Adam's voices.

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