Monday, August 8, 2011

The economic crisis has really affected the lives of every Earthling. Lots of business operations have been trimmed down. Worst of all, others have closed or shut down plants and other business entities. The meltdown has also triggered other manufacturers to produce fake products and fool many customers.

The market is almost filled with fake products – most of them come from China (that's what most people say). There are already fake iPads, iPods, laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic products around us nowadays. Fake producers do not only copy electronic devices but toys as well. In fact, the creations of Danish manufacturer Lego Group were also being counterfeited by these fake producers.

As a certified Lego mini figure collector, it really is a hurtful feeling when you are being fooled by counterfeiters. In order to address this challenge, learn the strategies on how to spot fake Lego toys.  Following are some ideas, which I hope, can help you as Lego mini figure enthusiast.

1. Unusual prices -- Be aware of the price. Most often, pirate Lego mini figures have lesser costs compared to the original product.

2. Color – counterfeit Lego mini toys are somewhat different in terms of colors. Original Lego toys have distinctive color than the pirated editions.  For example, the original Lego jeep has a neon and yellow green head light while the replica is colored yellow.

3.  Design – even though counterfeiters have created a somehow similar appearance to the original item, they still fail to copy the intricateness of Lego Group’s design. Nothing beats the original style of Lego mini figures.

4. Quality – obviously the genuine Lego mini figure is created in high quality than its counterfeits. You can assess it by touching the toy itself.

5. Logo – the most important factor every Lego collector and player must know is the logo. The original mini figure has a logo which has a circle around the word Lego on each part.

6. Size – original Lego mini figures are smaller than the replicas. There is only a little difference but if you compare the two, you can distinguish which is bigger or smaller.

7. Missing parts – most of the counterfeits have missing or incomplete parts that make it distinguishable to the original mini figures.

To avoid being fooled by counterfeiters and replica creators, you must always be vigilant before you purchase something. Always buy from trusted suppliers so that your mind will be at ease when you purchase toys. Always keep this in mind that fake Lego mini figures may contain lead that can poison the users or buyers.

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