Monday, August 8, 2011

There’s no more rewarding feeling in the world when you are wearing the perfume that you love the most. Often times, ladies are more meticulous when it comes to perfume than men. We prefer to invest our money and time for this kind of item because we adore them much. It feels like you are wearing your personality all the time. Ladies perfume is a woman’s expression of who she is and what we she wants other people to see her.

Choosing the best perfume that suits your preference is like shooting a large ball into a small basket. You can never have a perfect shot if the ball is bigger than the basket. It is the same thing as you are buying an expensive perfume which does not last long. You are just wasting your money and time if that’s the case. Let’s talk about why some fragrance items do not last long.

The most important thing you should bear in mind is that the authenticity of perfume itself describes why it lasts for a short time or not.

Of course genuine products last long compared to fakes, right? Also consider the storage area and temperature of your perfume.

Moreover, be mindful that the texture of the clothes we wear also affects the duration of the fragrance.

Aside from the dress, consider also if you have an oily skin or not. Having a dry skin can make your fragrance last at a shorter time because it does not have moisture that holds its scent.

So how to make your perfume last longer? It’s simple.

Buy the original ladies perfume from a trusted buyer and never plan to be fooled on the cheap prices of fake items.

Secondly, apply moisturizer to avoid the dryness of your skin. Moisturized skin means attachment of your perfume’s scent.

Also wear dresses or clothes that hold the scent more like cottons.

Try to spray your perfumes on your wrist or at the throat’s base to make the smell last because of the heat released by the blood vessels.

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