Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Okay, so the last Harry Potter film has just ended and Twilight has already unveiled trailer for the first part of the series' last film adaptation. I know you have already seen the trailer for the movie Hunger Games, right? Well, there is another adaption you must know and it is The Mortal Instrument by Cassandra Clare. Here is an article from MTV on the casting of the most anticipated film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments:

When I found out a few weeks ago I'd be speaking with Lily Collins for MTV News' Fall Movie Preview Week, I knew I had to sneak in a question or two about one of our most anticipated upcoming adaptations—"The Mortal Instruments." I also knew just the lady to come up with a bang-up query or two—author Cassandra Clare. So when Cassie suggested I ask Lily more about her audition with Jamie Campbell Bower (a.k.a. Jace Wayland), I had to oblige.

"I only read with a couple of guys, and it's funny because the way Jace was described in the scenes—I knew what Jamie looked like, and I had met him at social events before briefly, but from the second he walked, he carried himself in this way that was just Jace from the get go," Lily recalled. "He walked in and it was like, okay, he totally has the vibe going on, and he was so nice, and he had totally just flown in from London for it the day before, he could have been extremely tired, but he was there to win us over."
And win Lily (and producers) over, he did.

"The second he started playing with the scene with me, everything was just so natural," Lily continued. "He didn't even seem like he was trying. He was just Jace. He had the perfect balance of all the different character traits and aspects you'd hope from Jace. There are so many levels to him. He just walked out when he was done, and I looked at everyone and said, 'Guys, I think this is Jace.'" 

We can hardly wait to see the pair's sizzling chemistry on screen. But, with so many delays in production, when can we expect Lily and Jamie to begin filming? Lily's just as in the dark as we are.
"It's been very much kind of up in the air with the dates," she said. "I'm awaiting information like everyone else. I've kind of been over here in 'Snow White' land. It's exciting that they have more time to properly put the pieces together and focus on getting the rest of the casting right and perfecting the script. I'd love for more information soon. I'd love to get started on casting Simon and all of the other characters."

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  1. i dont know. maybe he has the talent, well i am sure he does but i cant be conviced that he looks anything like jace, he is so far from that.. i like lily though shes amazing, and has what it takes "the look and the personality"

  2. well, I respect your opinion but I guess the people behind Screen Gems wouldn't really cast someone who's incapable of portraying Jace. We really haven't seen the audition and I guess it's premature enough to judge. I got the feeling that Jamie's going to be great in portraying Jace. Maybe now you could say that he's too far from looking like Jace but watch out since I think he's gonna endure a lot training to bulk up just like what happened to Taylor Lautner in Twilight.


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