Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hey all! This post is something different from the other posts that I've published so far. This is more on photography, one of the most loved hobbies of all time. I'm really not into photography that much but the shots here are taken by my brother, who's quite very into this hobby these days.

I love how he captured nature and animals with his camera. I get to say that he really has improved since the day he got to use a DSLR camera. I know he's really happy doing that stuff and I'm just here to support him and I want to share these images to all of you. 

Seeing these pics here can you make you think that despite all the problems and calamities that we encountered, either personally or the world as a whole, there are still lots of reason to smile. These can also make you think about the mystery of the morphology and structure (I don't know if that's the exact words to use) about the animals, especially the birds. These animals have also the same feelings and emotions like us. Take a look at these:

Black and Orange Lorikeets
Look at the pic above, if these medium-sized arboreal parrots could talk, the other one may say "hey buddy, there's someone who wants to take a picture of us, let's project." Zoom in the picture and you'll see that the lorikeets are actually smiling, can you see it too?

Eclectus Parrot

See the color combination of this bird? Nice one, right? I love this bird's wings. You should look at the bird's eye, it's smiling.

White Bellied Sea Eagle
This one's kinda snob. Whenever I look at any kind of eagle, I usually see how fierce their eyes are, really. Those claws are also sharp so better be careful when you approach an eagle, especially those which are wild.

Scarlet Ibises
Really red huh? That's a long beak there birdie.

Here are more pics. Enjoy!

Black Capped Lori

Mute Swan (is it really mute?)

Toucan (look close into its eyes)

another lorikeet
what do you think they are talking about?
these birds are quite a shy couple isn't it?
if Bob Marley is a bird, this would be him (hehehe)
this one's ready to tkae its flight
hey there, is that you little tweety?

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